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Hits the targets and ensures the results

POWERgrass hybrid grass system will provide a natural grass reinforced playing surface, according to FIFA guide to natural grass pitches providing the additional advantages:

  • more stable playing surface in natural grass reinforced, with better stud-surface interaction;
  • more playing hours to play and train on the same pitch with no-divots formation;
  • less frost effect on the surface because of the isolation effect of the backing;
  • reduced maintenance because there is no-divot formation.

The playing quality of natural grass with more safety.

Coaches explain that the control of the ball is the most important aspect of playing football. If the player can stop the ball on the first bounce he has a great advantage. In POWERgrass hybrid grass the rebound of the ball is natural and the player is supported by reinforced sods making sure that the athlete can move quickly, make cuts and that he never misses a step.

In POWERgrass the player feels more secure and is more prone to marking and recoveries of the ball by sliding on the ground offering a spectacular game.

The argument on the safety of the players has been addressed by numerous studies over the years. Some results make prevail natural grass over synthetic turf, but have provoked a protest by the industry. Others have indicated that there are no substantial differences, and that in some cases the synthetic turf is equivalent to natural grass.

More and more players though blame 4G turf pitches providing higher risk of injuries. Plastic Pitch Blamed for Injury.

POWERgrass system has fully integrated natural grass in a special designed 4G synthetic system providing a pitch that everyone wins making happy players, couches, groundsmen, investors and spectators.

POWERgrass offers the comfort of natural grass. It's even safer because there are no-divots formation even with intensive use.

In natural grass pitches the habitat of the area is comfortable for athletes and spectators. As for us, a synthetic field is always better than a poor natural field with many dangerous divots but, on other hand, synthetic turf is indisputable increasing the surface temperature significantly on hot sunny days. Reports indicate that the surface temperature of traditional synthetic turf can reach up to 35°- 60°C higher than the temperature of the surface of natural grass. It has been reported than the temperature of a synthetic turf can reach 93°C in a sunny day when the air temperature is 37°C. The researchers concluded that the transfer of the heat from the surface to the sole of the foot provides physiological stress which can cause serious health problems related to heat. The application of an irrigation system helps, but does not seem to solve the problem, as the temperature rises to values still elevated after 15 minutes. Source Penn State University

In hybrid grass POWERgrass system the surface consists in about 98% in natural grass and the fibres are covered, thus heat accumulation is similar to natural grass with the advantage that the isolation effect of the backing will protect the roots from heat stress. The roots are the most delicate part of the plant and any surface heat stress will first damage them if not pretected.

Football actionFootball action

For best performance the field should support the player's action in all weather conditions.

American Football actionAmerican Football action

In American football, direction changes and frequent falls require a stable playing surface with a cushioning effect.

Rugby actionRugby action

Rugby is more strenuous than the other two sports, so running in a field fresh and plane will help yours team to fly.

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