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Managing a structure with a pitch in hybrid grass POWERgrass ... is one of its strengths.

POWERgrass hybrid grass is realized with the best high standards of quality and it's meant for heavy duty that allows you to organize tournaments at international level and at the same time accommodate teams from premier leagues-.

Excess of traffic during the day, doesn't scare POWERgrass during the growing vegetation period. The quality standards are very high, even with heavy foot traffic of play during the tournaments.

The surface stability is known even in old hybrid systems. POWERgrass is rasing the standars bar higher, in terms of quality and resistance. It's a name of warranty to all professionals who are looking for a pitch for the final workouts before the official game when away from home.

At the end of May 2013 Verbania Football organized an International tournament in memory of Peter and Rosvilde Montani, deceased parents of Senator Enrico Montani.

The tournament was attended by numerous teams: Verbania, Baveno, Omegna, Pro Vercelli, Varese, Livorno, Como, Strogino, Camioneros, Reggina, Pro Patria, Ternana, Gravellona, ​​Borgosesia, Novara, Pavia, Sigma, Pelotas, Verona, Brescia, Benfica , CSKA, Napoli, Fiorentina, Rubin K, Honka, Malaga, Plzen, Bologna, Turin, Al Garafa.

It's the TURIN to win the first edition of the MONTANI MEMORIAL PIERO AND ROSVILDE. After a game fought and spectacular over 1 to 1 and 2 after extra time, the children of Mr. SHEETS get the best result out of a great CSKA.

For the 3rd place wins 3 to 1 NOVARA the derby with Pro Vercelli and the podium of MONTANI.


The "Montani Tournament" organized in memory of Peter and Rosvilde Montani.

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