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Ideal for public administrations ... savings without thoughts!

PowerGrass® is designed to build professional sports fields and fits to low budget both during construction and maintenance period.

It's also suitable for heavy foot traffic areas in public parks designed for free game to preserve the natural grass turf that grows regularly without requiring special care. By fertilizing 5-6 times you can take advantage of it throughout the year.

Mowing and irrigation can be automated and monitored comfortably from your PC, according to the needs and weather conditions. Any failure and malfunctions can be signaled via SMS to insiders.

In co-operation with qualified local partners, you can subscribe to a plan of maintenance "all inclusive" thus optimizing costs and benefits without neglecting anything.

Thanks to PowerGrass® it's now possible to achieve a quality turf, resistant and keep the costs low!

In public schools play areas are often overloaded and the natural soil soon becomes suffocating for the growth of the grass. In fact, the grass tends to disappear in few weeks. PowerGrass instead, provides a cool, dust-free habitat to play on for many hours. The chosen materials are porous to facilitate the growth of the lawn that resists for children to play safely.

Verbania Ottobre 2012Verbania Ottobre 2012

Taking care of children is now possible with PowerGrass

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