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The maintenance of your field ... now becomes easy!

PowerGrass is guaranteed for 6 hours of play per day, during the growing period of natural grass. That means up to 1200 hours/year in Temperate Maritime and up to 1400 hours/year in Mediterranean climate, a cost effective solution within the reach of all small amateur clubs. PowerGrass is also partially applicable in the areas of greatest wear of your pitch, such as the goalmouths.

Maintenance is limited: reducing the damages from tearing of the grass sods you do not have much to restore after the game.

With the introduction of automatic mowing and irrigation, maintenance becomes easy by following few agronomic advices. With our support it's easy to train qualified employees capable to handle a maintenance program.

The only real commitment is the line marking of white lines, but using a handleable line marker like Linogold it becomes an easy work and lasts only 1 hour.

Call us, we have tailor solutions to fit your budget and get the best outcome of your investment!

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Play better, play safer, play every time is now possible for all categories of players.

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