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Athletics tracks... a race to perfection.

Athletics tracks provide to athletes an exercise area to keep in shape for the noblest competition of all time, the Olympics.

The realization of a playing field in PowerGrass inside the athletics track allows you to take advantage of the system without giving up the sport as the shot put, discus and javelin. The damages of those sports on Natural grass or Natural grass reinforced are easy to repair and restore the field inside to play again soccer, Rugby and Football meanwhile pure artificial fields do not permit to practise those sports and the track is downgraded.

Athletic sports are mainly organized during the summer period and the comfort of natural grass inside the track is essential for the athletes.

Pista di alteticaPista di altetica

Race TruckRace Truck

Inside the athletics track, you can grow hybrid grass without having to downgrade the track


The sport of athletics has become more beautiful.

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